Social Good

Cassie's Country Cupboard is proud to be an ambassador for the One Million Girls Campaign. Cassie has partnered with her dear friend Marie-Claire Kuja from Cameroon to help provide menstrual health products and education to vulnerable young women and girls in Cameroon and the Congo. Did you know that girls often miss several days of school EACH MONTH because of lack of access to period care? This is only one of many problems females have in these parts of the world while experiencing their menstrual period. Imagine being in a refugee camp in the Congo without feminine hygiene products or soap? Menstruation is still met with shame and hiding in many areas of the world, and Marie-Claire has made it her mission to change the stigma attached to this normal, healthy bodily function. Cassie has committed to supporting at least one girl each month during this campaign which is continuing through 2024. If you would like to learn more about how you can also help this cause, please check out the following links:


One Million Girls — KujaEcoPads