Co-Packing Services Available

Did you know that I can also offer co-packing services to other food entrepreneurs who don’t have the access/interest to make their own packaged dry food products? The first step is to send me an email at:

Give me a short description of your product, general idea of the ingredients/packaging, number of SKUs, or other information you think might be relevant. If we decide I might be able to help you with the ideas you have in mind, we’ll usually move forward with a mutual non-disclosure agreement before any recipe information is shared.

Costing is very dependent on a number of factors including number of ingredients, packaging requirements, etc. I will ask for a nominal payment to move foward with a time trial in order to give you a complete quote. My minimum order quantities are typically 100 of each SKU.

Products I have co-packed for other businesses: bottled spice blends, bagged spice blends, lactation hot chocolate, cake mix, and more!

What I CANNOT help businesses co-pack: jams and jellies, BBQ sauces, baked goods, frozen goods, refrigerated products, beverages, etc.

Need help with producing your dry mix food product? Contact me:

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