Asparagus Tips!

My extended family includes people who really enjoy asparagus! I was excited to harvest our first batch this year after patiently waiting for the asparagus patch to mature for several years. While I’ve been watching for those beautiful stalks to come out of the ground, I’ve had plenty of time to come up with a list of ways to add this spring vegetable to our meal plan:

-Steamed and drizzled with white sauce
-Wrapped in bacon and grilled
-Steamed along with thinly sliced carrots and snow peas for Pasta Primavera
-Roasted in the oven coated with olive oil, Creole Seasoning and Parmesan cheese
-Steamed and chopped to add to salads and soups like Creamy Potato Soup
-Stir-fried with other vegetables
-Steamed and wrapped into a tortilla with slices of ham and Swiss cheese
-and be sure to freeze the ends you don’t eat and turn them into cream of asparagus soup!

When harvesting or choosing asparagus in the store, try to get stalks that are about the same as a regular pencil in diameter. Oftentimes the thicker stalks can have a woody texture.

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